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You are in the middle of writing an essay, and suddenly you get stuck! You do not have any idea what to write and you just sit there, doing some reflections. Do not panic. Writer’s block is a common thing. There are several reasons why you get stuck.

First, you do not have any idea what to write. What to do in this situation? Writing is a time-consuming task. It is different from reading when you just need to read a page and perhaps take a note. To write, you need to do more than simply reading or taking notes, you need to design an idea and present it. This is why brainstorming is important. Make sure you are prepared with ideas (and this is why you need to read a lot), and start with making a rough draft from introduction to conclusion. Once you do it, you can start writing. Take a look at this picture:

fida brainwash

This is a rough draft, where I put my ideas into pictures and arrows. I did this for my Language and Learner assignment, where I was given 40 minutes to write what I read regarding the question being asked. Of course this is not the actual draft I wrote during the sit-in examination, but this is the draft I wrote for constructing the ideas and making it easier for me when I need to write it down.

Another problem you may encounter during writing a piece of essay is running out of words to write your idea. This is common for writers who basically do not use English in their daily conversation. As you lack of exposure, you may easily get stuck. You may get stuck because you do not know how to present your ideas, although the ideas are all there; inside your brain! This is may be the result of your unfamiliarity with English, or you just do not know how to construct a good sentence in order to make the readers understand what you want to say. This is where you need to go to Manchester Phrasebank.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.23.03 PMWhat is Manchester Phrasebank? This is a “magical” website, where you can choose phrases and sentences to write your ideas. You can choose several categories; such as, how to be critical, to be cautious, to classify, to compare and contrast, etc. Manchester Phrasebank will provide some phrases to turn your ideas into academic discourses. Voila, you do not need to worry, anymore!