About the Course

business-103Academic Writing Class will provide you some strategies to write academic essay for your preparation to study abroad or for international publication. Given the lack of free website on learning to write academic essay as preparation for students studying abroad, this website will be a  good choice to learn how to write essay with academic discourse. There will be no guarantee that you will be able to master all the strategies, however, by following the course syllabus, and doing all the tasks designed in this blog (make sure to meet the deadline), you will be likely to enhance your writing skill.


Course Syllabus

Project One: Visual Analysis (Weeks 2 – 5):

Project Two: Case Study (Weeks 3 – 6)

Project Three: Op-Ed (Weeks 6 – 9)

Recommended Background

Students should have basic English proficiency and exposure to B1 level (TOEFL 470/IELTS 4.5) in order to accomplish the tasks given in this course.

Useful Blogs


Course Format

This online course consists of 6 Blocks, with due date in each Friday:

Block 1: What makes a ‘good’ academic essay?

Block 2: Writing the introduction

Block 3: How to Cite and Quote

Block 4: Writing Critically

Block 5: How to make Conclusion?

Block 6: Revising and Proofreading Your Essay


  •   Can I get a Verified Certificate after completing this class?

Yes. You will have verified certificate after completing the whole class. It is important to note that this certificate is different from the certificate you got from official university or course.

  • Will I get feedback on my written work?

You will be provided some suggestions and feedback once you finished your work on time. However, if you do it pass the set time, you will not have any feedback or comments on your work. You should be responsible for your assignment each week.

  • Will this course provide instruction on grammar?

This course does not particularly teach you Grammar, however some blocks will provide you a bit information about Grammar (e.g. common tenses used in academic essay).

  • Will the course be especially difficult if a student is not very proficient in the English language?

You should have basic English proficiency to start with. Nevertheless, you can get help from online dictionaries if you find some difficult words.



  1. Looks like you’re beginning to see how a blog could be used for teaching. You might find it useful to include pages rather than posts. Pages can be fixed, so you can set up a menu and a clear outline of the items.


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